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Although Bed Bug Exterminator Pro come in as the 2nd top rated bed bug exterminator in Toronto, they ranked 5th when compared to all the other Pest Exterminators in Toronto that specialize in the extermination of all pests including bed bugs. Perhaps this is because they only specialize in bed bug extermination as opposed to all types of pests, like their competitors.

Therefore our verdict is that is the 2nd top rated bed bug exterminator in the city, and the 5th highest rated pest control company in all of Toronto.

Contact Details

Company Name: Bed Bug Exterminator Pro

Address: 1435 Bloor St. W Toronto, ON M6P 3L6

Telephone: (416)566-4079

Area of Specialty: Bed Bugs


Bed Bug Exterminator is recognized for their one visit 100% bed bug elimination heat treatment. Although this service is more costly than the conventional chemical treatment, the heat treatment eliminates all bed bugs in one visit without the nee to remove clothes and other belongings, while the chemical treatment requires 2-3 visits and requires removal of all clothing.

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The other services which sets Bed Bug Exterminator Pro apart from other pest control companies are their bed bug dogs, trained to quickly inspect the severity of the bed bug infestation. These dogs are much faster and more accurate than human inspectors.

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