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Pestend Pest Control Toronto is the highest rated pest control company in Toronto rated based on the number of customer reviews as well as the average rating score. Pestend Pest Control Toronto has three branches, one in Toronto, one in Mississauga and one in Brampton. They offer a one stop pest control experience and offer packages to their customers which ensure all their pest problems are covered throughout the year. Pestend also offers some of the lowest priced pest control services from all the companies we have analyzed and interviewed.

Our verdict is that Pestend Pest Control Toronto is the lowest priced pest exterminator in the city with the highest customer ratings. Although the common saying says “you get what you pay for” Pestend seems to be offering superior service that is giving the the title of the top pest exterminator in Toronto.

Contact Details

Company Name: Pestend Pest Control Toronto

Address: 415 Oakdale Rd. Toronto, ON M3N1W7

Telephone: (416) 319-5880

Areas of Specialty: Pest Control



The two main services offered by Pestend Pest Control Toronto are:

  1. pest control
  2. wild life control

pest control Toronto

wild life control Toronto

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