Top Rated Pest Exterminators

Below is a list of the 4 top rated pest exterminators in Toronto.

The ratings are based on a combined review score gathered for each company, from the top 3 review websites in the world, namely: Google, Yelp and Homestars. We have added up the scores and ranked the best 4 pest exterminators in the city so you can make the best decision amongst the hundreds of available pest exterminators in Toronto. Our winner is Pestend Pest Control Toronto, with the highest number of total reviews from all other competitors.


pestend pest control toronto 1st rating

Pestend Pest Control Toronto

Pestend Pest Control Toronto is the highest rated pest control company in Toronto rated based on the number of customer reviews as well as the average rating score. Pestend Pest Control Toronto has three branches, one in Toronto, one in Mississauga and one in Brampton. They offer a one stop pest control experience and offer… Read more Pestend Pest Control Toronto

247 pest control 2nd spot

247 Pest Control

247 Pest Control is a Toronto based pest exterminator that specializes on a wide range of pests including mice, cockroaches, wildlife and bed bugs. Our verdicts is that 247 Pest Control is the 2nd highest rated pest control company in Toronto and they are a great emergency pest control company servicing the Toronto area at… Read more 247 Pest Control

Gates wildlife control Toronto

AAA Gates Wildlife Control

AAA Gates’ Wildlife Control is a local pest control company in Toronto that specializes in wildlife control. Although they offer a wide range of pest control services in the city and surrounding areas, AAA Gates’ Wildlife Control’s core competency is their wildlife control services. They remove all types of wildlife, but mainly raccoons, squirrels, skunks and… Read more AAA Gates Wildlife Control

bed bug exterminator pro Toronto

Bed Bug Exterminator Pro

Although Bed Bug Exterminator Pro come in as the 2nd top rated bed bug exterminator in Toronto, they ranked 5th when compared to all the other Pest Exterminators in Toronto that specialize in the extermination of all pests including bed bugs. Perhaps this is because they only specialize in bed bug extermination as opposed to… Read more Bed Bug Exterminator Pro